At Coonrod Photography, you will have FUN -- and when you have fun, and enjoy your portrait experience, it shows in the image. You will look great, because you were enjoying yourself during the session. We know this sounds too simple to be true, but it really isn't. Most things in life are actually pretty simple: Be nice, get plenty of sleep, drink more water... 

Coonrod Photography is also an actual "brick-and-mortar" Portrait Studio. What does this mean to you? Well, one thing it means is that you can find us -- you don't have to meet us at the coffee shop, or in the park, and it means that we aren't going to disappear overnight because we "lost interest" in photography. (We actually have a client who never got her entire wedding package from a new "photographer" for that very reason.)

We love to create unique, fun images... but we always do so while maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity.


Our guarantee is simple: You must love your portraits, and you must be thrilled with the experience. If you are not, we will do whatever it takes to make you happy, or cheerfully refund your money.


Owner: Chet Coonrod

Chet became interested in photography while in Cub Scouts back in the distant past (some time in the 60s).

In 1980, he received his BA in Professional Photography from SIU-C. Upon graduation, Chet worked for a short time in newspaper and television, and as a studio assistant to the late Roger Humke. In 1983, he officially started Coonrod Photography, and in 1989, the studio moved to its present location at 1931 Jefferson.

Senior Portraits, Children's Portraits, and Group Portraits of sports teams, reunions and similar large groups are Chet's specialty. He has also photographed hundreds of weddings since his first one while still in college in 1978.

Chet is a supporter of the Arts and Music in the Quincy Schools and annually donates his photographic services to several musical and theatrical productions.