You Will Love Your Portraits

"What if they don't turn out? Aunt Millie's pictures never turn out..."

Exactly. That's why you come to us.

One thing that makes Coonrod Photography really different is that we don't have a routine set of poses for everyone. When you walk in the door, we won't grab you and set you on a stool and shout, "NOW SMILE BIG!"

When you arrive, we'll sit down and talk. We have no pre-conceived idea of what your portraits are going to look like until we get to know you a little bit.

Our clients tell us their portraits look so real and natural. Their friends say,

"These portraits show the real you - no fake smiles or awkward poses!"

That's because we don't make you do fake smiles and awkward poses. Our goal is to learn about you and your family so that we can portray your true personalities.

You must love your portraits. If there is ever anything wrong, we'll make more, or refund your money; whichever you prefer. That's a pretty strong guarantee, but we make it because we are confident you will be thrilled with your portraits.

Think about this. If you didn't look great, would we let you out the door with your portraits? Of course not! When you look good, it makes us look good. When you show your Portraits to your family and friends, we want them to say,

"Wonderful! Where did you get these?"

And we want you to say

"I got them at Coonrod's! You should go there too!"

Your great portraits are our best advertising. How can you go wrong?